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Kate Stefano 7/1/19

In this day and age, most home buyers know exactly what they want in a home and are not willing to budge on certain features. Whether it be hardwood floors, a spa bathroom, or an updated kitchen, there are certain must-haves that eager buyers will pay top dollar for. 

Do your home’s features match up?

Laundry Room:

 In February of 2019, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed over 4,000 home buyers — those who have either recently purchased a home or plan to purchase a home within the next three years — ranking 175 features based on how essential they are to a home-purchasing decision. The simple yet desired laundry room came in 1st!

A laundry room might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the hottest home features of 2019. That said, a whopping 91% of home buyers desire this feature. It seems people want their laundry out of sight and out of mind until they are ready to tackle the task. The days of tripping over baskets of laundry are (hopefully) coming to an end!

Adding a laundry room to your home doesn’t have to be as complicated and costly as it may seem. Got a sparingly used closet that only holds a few old coats? Consider making that your laundry room (and see garage storage for ideas to stow away those old coats). Add shelving and a clothing rack to complete the room! 

Another nifty idea for those of you with a visible washer and dryer is to hang a curtain so it’s at least a separate space. Although this won’t block any of the noise, it at least keeps them out of site!

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Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances: 

We all know how expensive life can be! Many modern-day house hunters look for homes that have the potential to save them big bucks without compromising comfort. Energy efficient windows can reduce cold or hot air from seeping in. It can also trim heating and cooling costs by 12%. That’s huge!

Individual appliances can suck up tons of energy and end up draining your wallet. By switching to energy saving appliances you can save big bucks on your energy bill. An Energy Star refrigerator uses half as much energy as 15-year-old models while their dishwasher uses 12% less energy. Who wouldn’t want more money in their pocket?

Smart Homes: 

The millennial home buyer eats this feature up. In a survey conducted by CNET and Coldwell Banker, 81% of buyers indicate they would be more apt to buy a home if smart home products were already installed. This feature is said to have excellent resell value and is only gaining in popularity. People are willing to pay top dollar for homes with smart home technology products that make daily life easier. Smart thermostats and light bulbs can lower utility and energy costs over time, yet another way to entice home buyers to your property. There is even smart doorbells! The Nest Hello is a video doorbell with features designed to keep you, your family and your home safe. The facial recognition feature alerts you when a family member or friend and send a special alert. Plus, it’s under $200! Check out this article for additional (and affordable) smart home products. 

In addition, many smart home devices can be accessed anywhere in the world. Being able to see and know what is going on inside your home at all times cultivates peace of mind. Can’t remember if you closed the garage door? In mere seconds you can verify the status remotely (and close it too!)

Updated Kitchen: 

Most home buyers have done their research when searching for a home, and have a checklist of must-haves. The kitchen is a top priority for many buyers; some refuse to even consider a home with outdated cabinets, counters, and flooring. 

 Don’t panic, though—a few, simple updates can go a long way for resale value! Fresh paint, new light fixtures, re-stained cabinets, and a new sink can help your kitchen retain that fresh feel that home buyers are searching for.